The Biological Production Division also provides products like oral rehydration salt and allergen extract vaccines in order to minimize the disease with proper disease.

ORAL REHYDRATION SALT (ORS - Nimkol) Production Unit

ORS production unit was established with the aim of providing quality preventive care for diarrhea in the public sector as it is the most prevalent disease around the globe because of the environmental conditions. The unit was established in 1980 at NIH with the assistance of UNICEF in 1980. The ORS unit is 39 years old and working continuously for the production of ORS.

Allergy Production

Allergy Vaccine Production Lab (AVPL) of NIH is the sole producer of allergy vaccine and testing antigens in Pakistan that was conceived in early 1980s. Vaccine is produced against different environmental and food allergens. Environmental allergens include pollen, dust, paper mulberry, thrasher dust and raw cotton, while food allergens include chicken, meat, fish, rice, mutton and egg. Vaccine manufacturing process goes through very authentic & reliable scientific methods and counter checked by QC analysis as per international standards and requirements. Allergy Vaccine Production Laboratory at National Institute of Health, Islamabad is manufacturing vaccines against 14 allergens of different categories which include dust, food and pollen allergens. All allergen extract vaccines are manufactured in 4 potencies from 10-3 to 10-6. Food Allergens include chicken, mutton, beef, fish and egg. Dust Allergens include dust, cotton and thresher dust etc. Pollen Allergens include 29 different types of pollen against which vaccines are manufactured.


Engineering Sub Unit is the creative application of the mathematical methods and the empirical evidence to innovation, design, installation, the maintenance of machines, processes of the machines. The engineers of BPD are engaged in the preparation of vaccines, particularly the Covid-19 vaccines. The department is also a part of the internal collaboration and the validation of the processes.

Vaccine Supply/ Biological Products supply

The main task of the supply department of BPD is supplying vaccines and sera products to different regions of Pakistan. The main aim of the vaccine supply unit of BPD is providing the products of NIH with the right quality and at the right place. The vaccine supply department of BPD helps in solving the problems occurring in the supply of vaccines during the time of Covid-19 pandemic and every occurrence. Supply chain management is to reduce costs and improve the overall performance of BPD including organization performance and customer satisfaction by improving products or services delivered to the customers.